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Hole 1

Playing Tip: Make sure to leave your approach on the same tier as the pin and this becomes an easy opening hole.

Hole 2

Playing Tip: Finding the fairway off the tee makes for another birdie opportunity. Take advantage if you can because this nine is about to get difficult.

Hole 3

Playing Tip: A long dogleg left with a narrow landing area and well protected green. Right center off the tee gives you the best approach to the pin.

Hole 4

Playing Tip: Play left center off the tee to shorten this dogleg left. Caution: there is water left that is not visible from the tee.

Hole 5

Playing Tip: A reachable par 5 if the tee shot is hit big enough. When the pin is placed behind the bunker the green is very narrow.

Hole 6

Playing Tip: A mid-length par 3 with numerous pin placements. Any pin to the left side of this green brings the water into play.

Hole 7

Playing Tip: Another huge par 4 that doglegs right. Out of bounds is very close on the left side of the fairway and on the green. Proper club selection to the pin is a must as you could be left with a putt well over 100 feet.

Hole 8

Playing Tip: The green on this par 3 has a ridge running front to back in the center. Pick the correct side and birdie is a real possibility.

Hole 9

Playing Tip: Finish this hole with a three shot par 5. With out of bounds left and water right, accuracy is the key.

Hole 10

Playing Tip: A mid-length dogleg left. Left off the tee and the green is totally blocked. Water looms through the fairway, big hitters beware.

Hole 11

Playing Tip: A short par 4 with birdie opportunity. Another hole where left off the tee leaves nothing but a pitch out back to the fairway.

Hole 12

Playing Tip: A long par 5 that will usually require three shots to get home. Leave the second shot short of the fairway bunkers.

Hole 13

Playing Tip: A middle iron gives ample opportunity for birdie. Past the pin is better than being short.

Hole 14

Playing Tip: A dogleg left par 4. Stay middle to right off the tee. A big drive gets you past the fairway bunker for a good look at the pin.

Hole 15

Playing Tip: This dogleg left par 4 requires you to bend the ball around the corner unless you can take the tee shot high over the tall pines guarding the left side.

Hole 16

Playing Tip: This hole is long and tough as it moves right. Water guards the right side from tee to green. This green is huge and much deeper than it looks.

Hole 17

Playing Tip: The longest par 3 on the course, this hole gets its strength from its length. Take enough club to carry the front bunkers and par will be easier to achieve.

Hole 18

Playing Tip: Another par 5 finishing hole with water guarding the front right side of the green. Plan on three shots to get home as the prevailing wind is almost always in your face.

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